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Juice concentrate?

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If you freeze water with substances dissolved in it, and let it sit, the ice crystals slowly push the substances into small areas that remain liquid.  Eventually there will be regions of ice that are solely water, and slushy regions full of - whatever.

That's how cold distillation works:  you take a fermented liquid, let it freeze, then pick out the ice.  There are limits to how concentrated it can be, which is why people also use heat-driven distillation, but it's a traditional method in very cold regions of the world where cold is free in winter.

It's part of why making homemade ice pops with juice is challenging - the water tends to separate from sweet juicy syrup that forms.

In warm regions/periods, cold isn't cheap - but if you're going to make a frozen concentrate, why not make ice at the same time, instead of expending all that energy to produce steam you're not going to use?

Good idea.  So basically dont bother concentrating it?  I just dont have space for tons of frozen juice but maybe you are right.  Just juice a few gallons and freze them up as it.  It just seems like a big waste not to do something with all the fruit.

On the other hand, I need to be careful not to become diabetic with all this sugar.

I am growing New Zealand lemonade fruits to get around the diabetic Issues..  Kumquats will work to.

I understand that commercial orange juice producers basically boil and vacuum their juice for storage and have to re-add flavors when ready to sell.

I wonder is this because that is the only way it can be preserved?  Or would freezing preserve the flavor but maybe is too costly? 

I recall Millet said he would freeze excess lime juice in ice cube trays.  I assume it is viable for sweet citrus also but never tried it.

We also freeze lime juice in ice trays and then vaccum pack trays into a pack and thats good for 1 night of margaritas.  One or 2 cubes makes a drink.

With orange juice, they concentrate it so its easier to ship and freeze etc.  Other wise it weighs too much and takes up too much freezer space.  But freezing it whole would taste fine, the issue is just the volume and mass. 


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