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Potentially over fertilized trees - How to fix it?

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I have some issues on most of my trees. I think I might have over fertilized them during the winter and now some branches are dying slowly starting from the tip.
Some leaves are browning and show some odd color (see picture attached).

The leaf on the picture was taken off my yuzu tree.

I checked this link and it seems to be over fetilization:

If it is in fact over fertilization, what should I do? Simply water my trees as much as possible without drowning them to dissolve the excess sodium?
Or is repotting mandatory at this point?

I don't think the single leaf you show was caused by over fertilizing.  Over fertilizing damage normally shows leaf burning or scorching.  It is impossible to determine a tree's problem from seeing just one leaf. It would be much better to show a picture of the whole tree rather then just one leaf.

Rookie mistake from my part.

Here are additional pictures of the tree.

Leaves dropped while it was indoor this winter. I took it outside 4-5 days ago.

I agree it doesn't look like over fertilization. 

After comparing with other posts on this forums, I think it might be spider mite damage.

I had spider mite issues this winter. I washed all my trees under the shower and it got rid of most of them, but some trees still seem to suffer despite being cleared of mites.

I'll keep watching them closely and wash them off with water regularly to keep the mites away.


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