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Potentially over fertilized trees - How to fix it?

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--- Quote from: Millet on May 13, 2022, 06:05:10 PM ---Olivier, are you watering your trees with municipal water or well water?   If municipal water, you can get the water's composition from your supplier.  For well water you will need the water tested.  Could very well be from high levels of carbonates and bicarbonates.  When I stared growing citrus I used my well water, and the trees had all sorts of problems due to high  levels of bicarbonates.  I switched to a mixture of 1/3 well water and 2/3 rain water and my trees quickly returned to good health.

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I will have to check then, I use municipal water exclusively.
I'm hoping it's not the issue because where I live I wouldn't be able to setup a barrel to collect rain water.

Browning on the branches  stopped or slowed down at least, the tree seems to be stabilizing. I'm hoping to see leaves grow back soon


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