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Potentially over fertilized trees - How to fix it?

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What type of pot mix are they in ?? Any unusual things in that mix ??

It's a mix of sand, peat moss and perlite.
All my trees are in fabric pots to prevent root rot.

How much peat, and what type ?
Bog peat can be highly acid, Coir peat is less acid.
Using a high % of bog peat in the mix can cause pH problems unless Lime/Dolomite is added to adjust pH.
If the pH is wrong, all trace elements will be out of whack, including over availability causing toxicity.
Too much peat and your tree is basically planted in a bog marsh.
The acidic peat also attacks roots. The acidic peat also attacks roots.
Not sure if that is your problem , but it looks like some of my mix mistakes ??

I wouldn't be able to tell the peat type honestly, I don't have the bag anymore.
The tree has this soil for over a year now and it started turning like this only recently.
Could a PH problem take that long to surface?


--- Quote from: Olivier on May 10, 2022, 01:22:49 PM ---After comparing with other posts on this forums, I think it might be spider mite damage.

I had spider mite issues this winter. I washed all my trees under the shower and it got rid of most of them, but some trees still seem to suffer despite being cleared of mites.

I'll keep watching them closely and wash them off with water regularly to keep the mites away.

--- End quote ---

In my area, spider mites happen during hot,dry, and dust season, usually late summer or early fall.   


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