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Weird wilting of lemon tree leaves


Hello everyone!
I have an indoor lemon tree that I planted from a seed ~3 years ago. Due to the climate that I live in, I keep it indoors for the colder months (October-April) and outdoors when it gets warmer and sunnier.
This year I put it on the balcony about two weeks ago. Today I have realized, that the side of the tree that's facing the sun is wilting. But it only happens to the leaves that are directly exposed to the sunlight. They look like they're covered by some silver gloss, and underneath it they are dry and turning yellow.
Here is a photo of two leaves: the one on the left was covered by other leaves and it's not wilting. The one on the right was partially covered and you can see the weird silver gloss:

And here's a photo of the upper part of the tree that is exposed to direct sunlight:

Does anyone know what's going on here? Last year when I put the tree on the balcony it was doing great.
Any advice on what I should do now?

I believe it is just the result of the transition from the inside to the outside.  Many growers set their trees in a shaded spot for several days to a week before placing the tree in the direct light of the sun. 


I have two lemons that i wintered in my basement without direct sun or strong light, i moved them outside in full sun and they took it like champs! Now every situation is different, but  u can check if the plant is not lacking water, lack of water can also severify the problem.
 Similar thing to your situ happened to several cherimoya seedlings of mine, couldnt handle the sun after i took them outside of the house, they were kinda dryish also ...

Thanks for the answers! I moved the tree to a shaded part of the balcony and it seems to be doing so much better, after just a couple of days it started to grow a lot of new leaves and no leaves have gone dry since then.

Alas, trees can sunburn too!  In nature they're constantly outside, and gradually react to sun and wind as they change over the seasons - so gradually that we don't usually perceive the way they adapt themselves to conditions.  But a sudden and dramatic change, like going from indoors to outdoors, is unnaturally fast and doesn't permit them to protect themselves.


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