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whick rootstock is this?

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on which rootstock is this clementine?

Some kind of orange it looks like to me.  I would crush a leaf and see how it smells to tell more. 

Not trifoliate obviously, and doesn't look like lemon leaf shape, and doesn't look like pummelo/shaddock (petioles aren't very large)

Yeah, not trifoliata.  It doesn't quite look like rough lemon to me, although I can't quite rule it out.

Perhaps sour orange?  It's a common rootstock for oranges.  And I believe it has those distinct but slender petioles.

Going by common rootstocks, It looks like Citrus macrophylla, aka Alemow or Colo. Bit soon to tell but foliage is lime like which is a match.
Orange seedlings tend to have trowel/triangular shaped leaves.
Sour Orange tends to have slightly wide petioles and scented leaves. Smooth Seville has grapefruit like leaves, with thin petiole.

Sour orange petioles are not slender but are quite winged.


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