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Myer lemon citrus no leaves

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It looks to me like coconut husk chips.  Are you using that as growing medium or just a top mulch?
I used CHCs for several years for my potted citrus but found they break down fairly quickly into an unhealthy and often soggy mix. For a couple of years they are fine, although getting the watering right is difficult. But after that things go downhill and root rot often sets in.

The mulch is only on top. I bought a moisture/ph instrument based on everyones suggestion of drainage. Will post an updated picture later. Thank you for the replies!

Itís probably the type of soil youíre using. Iím using peat moss, sand, pumice, perlite and mulched with cedar bark.  My Myer lemon was same size as your at the beginning of the year. Itís in the same size wine barrel and Iím watering everyday in the hot summer. Also removed the mulch away from the feet or else itíll caused rot like one of my orange tree.


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