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I was at the Farm Supply Cooperative in Hilo, and saw a plant labeled “Samoan Taro”. I’m a sucker for new types of tropical vegetables, and Taro especially, so I bought it. 

After I got home and planted it though, I started wondering if this is an edible plant at all. The leaves look more arrow-head shaped. My plant identifier even identified it as Green Arrow Arum (Peltandra Virginica), which it described as a poisonous plant.

Can anyone know knows Taro well look at my pics and see if they recognize it as an edible Taro? Thanks in advance!


That looks like Xanthosoma brasilliensis--it is used for lua (cooked leaves). Maybe ask your source if it is edible. Kew says that it is easy to identify because it is one of the only aeroids with a hastate leaf (had to look that one up).


Pictures of this species on the net seem to be mostly of X. sagitifolium that are copied and pasted. The link below shows what to my non-botanist thinking is the hastate leaf described by Kew.


Wow thank you this has been extremely helpful! I had no idea about Xanthosoma taro. I think you’re exactly right though. I’ll thoroughly cook and try a small amount first of course. We will see if the leaves are indeed better tasting than colocasia taro leaves, as has been reported.

Thanks again for this!


I am interested to know how long to cook these leaves?

Are these containing Calcium oxalate ?


--- Quote from: Francis_Eric on July 14, 2022, 11:59:07 AM ---I am interested to know how long to cook these leaves?

Are these containing Calcium oxalate ?

--- End quote ---

Yes, they contain Calcium oxalate. I cooked a small amount for 10-12 minutes and it was not "prickly". I think the link I provided recommends 20 minutes.


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