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Lagos Spinach, Celosia argentea cooking question


Quick question for eating Lagos Spinach. I see on the ECHO site it says it needs to be cooked before eating because of oxalic acid and nitrates. It's also said to be added to soups when I search for recipes. My question is, if I add this to a soup do I need to precook it to remove the oxalic acid and then add it to a soup or can you just add it straight to the pot?

I was abl;e to grow and eat a lot of the Celosia argentea during this year. I read the same thing and so I did boil and drain. The boiling water turned an amazing color of red. I didn't use it in a soup but stayed with the Echo recommendations, cooking and draining first. The cooking takes only about 5 minutes and this spinach cooks down very tender quickly. It had far lower pest pressure than amaranth even when grown almost side-by-side. I highly recommend it. I got at least 4-6 cuts because it resprouts several times. Eventually it does bolt to make seeds and the leaves get small and tough. Highly ornamental too.


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