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Looking for Black persimmons Huk Kam or Kuro Kaki(Not black Sapote)

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--- Quote from: mangolover143 on January 06, 2021, 11:49:24 AM ---Hi everyone,

In 2018, Huk Kam (Korean black-skinned persimmon) and Kurokaki (Japanese black-skinned Asian persimmon) were listed in the 28-page PDF catalog in England's Orchard & Nursery, McKee, KY selling as scions. I have no idea if they still have these scions for sale ATM.

You can try to contact Cliff of the aforesaid nursery @nuttrees@prtcnet.org if they are still available. Good luck.


--- End quote ---

Cliff passed away last year. His daughter is running the farm. As far as I know they are not available. She is supposed to contact me if they decide to continue doing business.

What a bad news that Cliff has gone. He was so kind and helpful when he emailed me the 28-page PDF catalog and layout of his trees inside the orchard. The precise list is not found in the orchard's website.

I sincerely hope that his daughter has a drive to move on and takes the rein of the orchard to a new horizon.


cliff did not passed away last year, he's alive  :)

Late reply I know. If it is a lie then someone claiming to be his daughter told it. She called me to tell me that they wouldn't be able to send me  the plants I was looking for.  If he's alive: praise God and I apologize for misinforming anyone. I will be calling Monday to verify.

Did you verify?


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