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Plinia clausa (Anihuayo)

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Mike T:
I wonder how similar Plinia inflata (both mulchi and giant mulchi), Plinia clausa and Plinia sp. Shawi are. Maybe There are other similar species or subspecies of them in Peru, Brazil and Ecuador.

I never really bought the claim that Plinia clausa was dioecious. That idea came from a story that Bill Whitman had a single Plinia clausa tree which grew for years and years, never bore fruit, and was believed to be a male tree (no idea why).

I have growing evidence that Plinia clausa is self-fertile like all other Plinias in cultivation: one of my three year old trees just flowered for the first time and appears to be holding fruit.

Periodically decreasing temps really ramps up the growing process on this one. I start testing one of my seedlings this month on feeding thresholds so I will post results of findings here. Iím starting off with Earthworks 822 this week.


--- Quote from: mikesid on March 02, 2020, 08:24:36 PM ---Couldn't find any info on the forum on this one so figured I'd start a thread. Seeds planted less than a month ago. Two out of ten have germinated so far.

Found a couple pdfs:


--- End quote ---

Same happened with my 10. Some are still popping up from months ago. Now Iím curious if the delayed ones will have a more developed root system than the others or if it is just the way it is lol.

Update: I have 2 seeds that hit reset many times and have still not taken on growth. However, the root systems are large enough to plant in a quart(6in) pot. I just took them out of the greenhouse today and hit them with some Mycoapply.


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