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Yangmei (Myrica Rubra) Group Order - trees all gone

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--- Quote from: beicadad on March 22, 2021, 12:55:39 PM ---
--- Quote from: shaneatwell on March 22, 2021, 12:37:00 PM ---Put me down for one Biqi and one Dongkui just to support the cause.

What is the plan for male trees?

--- End quote ---

The seller said the grafted trees will produce both male and female flowers. However, I heard that it may many years for the trees to mature up to produce both male and female.

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Another seller in China told me all plants sent would produce fruit. Wasn't sure at the time if he was suggesting that yangmei is monoecious, which is contrary to what I have heard from other sources. To be sure, want some extras! 

FV Fruit Freak:
3 trees. Dongkui, Black Peak, Biqi. Local pick up or Fountain Valley, Southern California area.
Thank you!

I would like to support the cause.
Put me down for one of each. I am near LAX.

2 - Black Peak
2- An Hai

I am in San Diego.

I would gladly stick it to those monopolizers.

Put me down for 4 to 6

I'm in San Diego


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