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Yangmei (Myrica Rubra) Group Order - trees all gone

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Hey Rob,

Looking good so far!

I severed my approach graft last night and Iím really hoping I didnít kill it. It was approach grafted on 07/11/21 and completely severed/removed on 08/28/21 so approximately 7 weeks from start to finish. I usually leave my approach grafts on for 3-4 months but I want to see what the minimum amount of time required is.

The approach grafted Biqi scion has secondary branches sprouting out but they were already pushing when still attached to the Biqi plant. If this approach graft fails, I should know in about two weeks or less. The scion is so huge that the small union will not be able to support the large scion for very long if the graft failed.


Hope everyoneís plants are doing well. Itís 107 at my place right now. I have dead corn stalks protecting my plant from Marta and a couple of M. ceriferas. Hope it turns out okay.

My grafted californica finally died though. I think itís from my outdoor sink water pouring directly over the plant. I must have moved the pipe there by mistake recently.

Hey Fang,

My approach grafted Biqi Yangmei onto M. Californica rootstock was successful. The graft union was completely severed about 3 weeks ago and the secondary shoots are elongating and the leaves are expanding.

Grafting Yangmei is a pain in the rear. I tried to pull some nice buds from my Biqi tree and removing a few buds was enough to damage the branch to the point where the branch snapped in half where I removed the buds. The branches are pretty brittle if you try to push the growth too much.

Hereís a picture of my Biqi after removing about 12-14 inches off the ends of the longest branches for my grafting experiments.


Amazing growth Simon! Your plant looks very healthy.

How often do you fert?

Mine are way behind.

Hey Rob,

I fertilize at a minimum once every 2 weeks after Iíve used up the nutrients in the soil. Iím currently using a 50/50 mixture of Foxfarm Ocean Forest/Happy Frog for my soil mix and it has a lot of fertilizer in it already so when I first transplant into my new soil, I donít fertilize for the first month to 6 weeks because the nutrients in the soil can easily sustain it.

If you fertilize when thereís still a lot of nutrients in the soil, you can burn your plants. I have a couple Yangmei grafted onto M. Californica growing in Promix HP/BX and these have little or no added fertilizer so I would fertilize these with Osmocote Plus as a staple fertilizer and then give it chelated iron whenever the leaves start yellowing.

If you want to encourage Frankia actinomycetes, giving your tree less Nitrogen may encourage faster colonization but your leaves will be more chlorotic because Yangmei seems to like Nitrogen.



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