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Yangmei (Myrica Rubra) Group Order - trees all gone

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Brad, thatís awesome you have them adapted to full sun. I bet the roots are growing out so hopefully itíll take off next year once it gets more established. Thanks for the picture!


I had a shade on it most of summer and just ditched the shade a few weeks ago since it seems like the worst of it is over.  Although it was 0% RH and 92F and super windy here a few days ago and it took pretty well. 

I put a few chicken turds on it today and will start fertilizing more in spring, it should take off next year. 

Hereís a quick update of my original Biqi from the group buy. Itís quite big now and I should have up potted it a long time ago but Iíve been too busy so itís been stuck in a #5 pot for much too long. I finally up potted it this week. The entire pot was completely jam packed with roots so I had to carefully untangle roots that were beginning to circle and also cut some roots. Hopefully it doesnít shock the plant too much. Hereís the rootball
<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />

And hereís my Biqi tree
<br /><br />


Its a monster! 

Hi Simon,
  Thank you for all the info you posted in this thread. I live in the SF bay area and  new to the Yangmei tree planting, but I am very interested in this topic. You were talking about the grafting technique by
using  M Californica. Is it Myrica Californica tree? How big of plant of Myrica Californica did you use for grafting? Are they all growing well now?

 Best regards,

--- Quote from: simon_grow on August 12, 2021, 05:01:51 PM ---My approach graft of Biqi onto M Californica seems to have calloused over the best. The union is completely formed and the swelling has started to burst the Buddytape.

I will soon begin making incremental cuts on the Biqi rootstock and M Californica top in order to gradually decrease dependence on the portion of the plants that I will eventually be severing.


--- End quote ---


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