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Something I found out at Zillís today of importance

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I said to the Secretary that it would be nice if they sent out a mass mailing every week during mango season telling everyone what varieties Mr Zill picked each week so that others would know about when to start picking their own. Of course picking times can differ based on how far onesí own trees are from Zills. Her response was that that info is found each week on Facebook where they list their fruit thatís for sale. I personally will start checking this out because Mr Zill says pic them green. Iíve been waiting too long for color changes on varieties that change colors and when they donít change color and stay on too long too many times a few varieties that can be great get over ripe.

This would be great since Im only a few blocks away from Zills.

I've heard that Zill sometimes picks TOO green.  Didn't Rob make that comment?

While this sounds like a good idea in theory, growth and conditions can vary considerably, even within the same orchard. My friend nearby has a Kesar tree, as do I. While there was overlap, we were largely harvesting at different times. He had mangoes a month later than our tree did.

I would only use Zill picking times as an indicator that they are picking a variety at that time. Might check a bit more closely for signs of ripeness on my own trees, based upon reports from others.

Gotta get to know all your varieties. Its not easy with all of them, but part of the fun. Almost got Sweet Tart figured out.

Makes sense, roblack.  You have to know your own trees and your varieties, what indicates time to start picking.


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