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Seeds arrived yesterday.
Great packaging and good quality seeds, most of them were already pushing roots. Got them planted out today.
Thank you!

Ooooh buddy.. It certainly does look like a Cattleyanum.
I bought it very young and it was one of my first tropical trees. The more I've learned and researched the more I started to question that little thing being a Jaboticaba, which lead me to making this post..
Jaboticaba was the tree that got me interested in rare/exotic fruit and that being one of my first trees, that really bums me out!
Still happy to be growing and it's doing very well so it is what it is..

Thank you for the reply.

Thank you for the reply!
 I was pretty confident with that one being the Blue but never hurts to ask and I wanted to be sure, Thanks again.

I can't figure out why or where they got 'African Red" from though..
It's a great nursery and I trust what they have to say! I'd never discredit them but not being able to find any variety with that name online is very frustrating, being someone who cares very much so for proper identification.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Myrciaria/Plinia, Variety/Identification?
« on: June 03, 2020, 10:46:45 PM »
Bought these trees at a local nursery and i'd like to confirm the proper identification/Variety.

This was tagged as "African Red Jaboticaba"
Haven't been able to find any information online with the name "African Red"..

I believe this second one to be Myrciaria Vexator.

This is my first post and first go at any forums so bear with me!

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