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Looking for Xie Shan budwood


I am looking for Xie Shan mandarin budwood.
I would like to exchange with budwood of my citrus:

- Foyos navel orange (an improved Washington navel Spanish clone, more productive and excellent taste)
- Newhall navel orange
- Lane Late navel orange
- Other navel oranges (complete list by pm)
- Midknight orange
- Meyer lemon
- Eureka lemon
- Mellarosa lemon
- Kumquat rond
- Loretina mandarin
- Other mandarin varieties by pm.
- Okitsu satsuma
- Owari satsuma
- Buddhas hand
- Forner Alcaide #5 rootstock

If anybody is interested, please, send me a pm.
Thank you!

Is it legal to import budwood into your country from countries outside? - Mllet

It is legal from other countries of EU, but not from USA.
In any case, all my current plants are from certified nurseries.
I live in a zone without citrus plantations, only isolated plants in gardens. We are limited to the north by the sea and too cold zones for citrus by the south, west and east. The citrus zones of Spain are 700 km away from my zone.


Hi is this what your looking for!

Hi there! I don't think is legal to import budwood as private from outside EU, but seeds are allowed. I'm unsure if xie san is mono or poly however, here it looks like in catalog with its other name of Wakayama.
Good luck!


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