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Kinzu/Hong Kong/Fortunella hindsii seeds

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How much for rooted cutting?  Walt


--- Quote from: franklazar26 on November 08, 2021, 08:34:52 AM ---I still have around 40 seeds left if anyone is interested! 100% germination rate with the methods Iíve used.

--- End quote ---

Hello @franklazar26
May I ask what method you used? I had some problems with hindsii at germination. Btw do you know if your plant is polyploid or diploid?
Thank you very much for that!

Thatís odd, my Kinzu had 100% germination. Some were germinating in the fruit lol. I peeled the husks off the seed and threw them in a baggie with a damp paper towel and they all sprouted very very well. I donít know the Ploidy status of the Kinzu, but being itís a wild species, Iíd assume itís diploid.

Walt, I currently have my last rooted cuttings spoken for, but I was thinking for $20 plus shipping. Cuttings are about 6 months old now. Iíll have more in the future I hope! I do have several seedlings though ranging from 1-4Ē. Pm me, we can work something out for seedlings if you wanted one.

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