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Looking for Yuzu rooted cuttings/seeds

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Hi all, I'm looking for Yuzu (C. Junos) rooted cuttings or seeds

also interested in Satsuma&Changsha seeds/rooted cuttings

I will have, yuzu, amoa 8, keraji seeds soon available.

I'm down in Portland, I have a few small Yuzu now, but you should hit me up in the spring and I will graft up a few Yuzu, Changsha, Xei Shan Satsuma, and others.

Thank you both, looking forward to hearing back.
Will set a reminder in my phone for some time in spring @PDXIan

Hi, just a heads up from a fellow grower who was keen on getting Yuzu seeds.

During winter 2020-2021 I was looking for Yuzu seeds all over the internet and managed to order from 2 different places. Zero germination rate.

Earlier this year I ordered some fresh yuzu fruit straight from Spain and planted seeds right after peeling the fruit. I had over 100% (even up to 4 sprouts from a single seed!) germination rate. I ordered 3 kilos of yuzus so I had hundreds of seeds and only planted about 100 at first. The rest I left to dry. After about a week I tried to germinate some of the rest, and seems like all of the seeds had died. Not a single one did germinate.

So I would advice on getting cuttings or fresh fruit! Seeds seem super tricky, die easily and are probably a waste of money.


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