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Wanted seed of Dekopon/Sumo/Shiranui

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I live in Germany and I am looking for open pollinated seeds of Dekopon/Sumo/Shiranui.

I am fairly sure Dekopon is seedless. I tried some fruits in Japan, but I never found seeds.

Only nearly seedless. Sometimes it contains seed.

A few people have gotten seeds out of Sumo fruit in Australia. You just need to buy a lot of fruit. You could be lucky, but the rate is probably one seed in 20 to 30 fruit.

i think there are 3 sources of these Shiranui budwood that is being sold from the UCR CCPP budwood. I have 2-3 of their budwood types and they seem to have the same type of fruits (either no seeds, or some seeds) on the fruits. So, I have a few grafted branches that has fruits with seeds in every fruit, my other grafted branches have fruits with no seeds in any fruits. I read in an old post that somone grew seeds and when the tree had fruits, most fruits had seeds while other seedling trees were seedless. I did plant 5 seeds from sumo a few years ago and now the plants have grown to about 3-4ft tall, hope it eventually gets some fruit to compare the fruits with the true budwood grafts.


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