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Sell-Yuuko(Nagasaki) from Japan


Ships worldwide from Japan. Seeds of Yuuko (Nagasaki).

This year's harvest is very small, so we can't sell a lot.

Minimum order amount is 300usd. Currently, Kawabata, Shikuwasa and hanayu,Jabara and more many are available.
We can also ship fruits to some countries such as Canada, UK and Singapore.
Grafts and Scions are also available for sale. Check out my product list at this link.!Aj29ETq8Q92p93C5oWFDeib4uKTo

Yuuko seeds(Nagasaki)
10seeds 40usd
Phyto 50usd


Hello Kamado

May I ask you if  you'd consider adding the names of the culltivars in Japanese? I mean the language itself alongside transliteration For us to be able to search them for other pictures or articles.

Hello Pandan,

Ok, I will add Japanese in the near future.


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