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Tropical Fruit Discussion / Eating loquat seeds
« on: May 12, 2016, 09:19:48 AM »
Hey, I have a lot of Loquats this year and they are beautiful. Makes me sad though that I cant eat them all, my mouth dont like to much acid as well and some trees are slightly acid. So I started making juice in my wheat grass press. Its just a little bit of problem (industrial country problem ;) ) The loquats tends to block the filter and its hard to juice them. Also, I need to pick out the kernel as well, since Im very afraid of poisoning myself :)

I have been googling a bit on the topic and some eat them, some dont, some make some wine even. For me it whould save a lot of work if I didnt have to pick out the kernel and then I think that the kernel even whould help keeping the filter in the juicer open.

So I will not eat the kernel but it will be pressed. What do you think? Will I die? ;)

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Digging up a mango - advice
« on: April 14, 2016, 01:13:54 AM »
Hello. I have this mango, doing ok, but its placed pretty bad and some problems will allways be there. Like its pretty close to a avocado tree and mainly its in the bottom of my valley and I found out they like it a lot more up on the hill with a lot of wintersun. So if I dig it up I could put it in a new place I have made. The advice I want is wether this tree will be worth plating in a new space? A tree cost 15 euros here and its nothing if the tree grows a lot better.
I also wonder about the time? It just started to shoot new here and that one as well.

I was digging up a lot of other trees and they seem allright, more or less. But this was in winter when they were sleeping. So,, when is the best time to digg up a tropical tree?


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Fruiting dates in Europe?
« on: July 18, 2015, 05:23:42 AM »

I have been planting some dates around my land but then I start to be believe its a fruitless work. I mean, the Arabs where here before and if they didnt manage to grow dates then why should I? Been hearing about dates fruiting i spain but I guess that is rare and still spain is slightly hotter then in portugal where I live. Have anybody hear more about succesfull date fruiting in europe, please let me know. You might safe some date palm ;)

Hey, Hope that all people and plants past the winter happily. :)

I live in portugal and if somebody here can arrange me some seeds or maybe even better some live plant then I would be very happy. Im also interested in other stuff i dont have. Like acacia confusa, I would like that one as well but it does not make any fruits.

No,, Im not moving back home  ;D I want to make a present to my sister and her family. They live in a very "warm" place in sweden and their walnut and almonds seems to like it. They also planted some special fig that we hope will take the winter good.

Except Asimina Im thinking of pecan, mullberry and jujube but they maybe will be better grafted?

Please give me suggestion or suggest me a package to sent them.

Merry x-mas (I offically started the x-mas stress) :)

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / pepino cuttings
« on: October 03, 2014, 02:53:20 AM »
I made a lot of pepino cuttings for a forum member and they start to get roots now.

I have many,, and was thinking to send mostly to people in europe but Im a open guy :)

Tell me i you want, supergood fruit!

Also carob seeds I have plenty.

For free, pass it on or sent me whatever almost :) Would love to have a selcetion of dragon fruits.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / What kind of water pump should I invest in?
« on: August 29, 2014, 04:51:38 AM »

I want to buy a water pump. Everything is now on self pressure. I would like to pump it like 50 meter up from the river to my house. There I have one tank but Im afraid I must built one closer to the "station". And to have battery, pump and all that in the same please, right?

Do you know anything about theese pumps, to me its a jungle and I get little stressed and make stupid chooses.

Hope somebody can give me advice or input.

Also how to build a tank. Is it possible to do with clay?
I made one with concrete and bricks but its leaking a little.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Why do my cashews die?
« on: August 14, 2014, 09:37:37 PM »
Hallo, I had some cashews that died last year and I didnt really knew why. I suspected brutal transplanting so this time I was more carefull. I notice it was sprouting and planted it in a pot and it came beautiful at first. Then suddenly it looked sad and after 2-3 days it was dead. More or less the same way the others did. So,, I need help because Im waiting for more seeds tpo come and I dont want to spoil them.

Could it be to much sun? I put I behind a bigger tree so the seedling had strong sun but only half a day
Could it be to much water? I maybe have a tendensy to water stuff to much  :-\
Could it be some drought problem?
Could it still be a transplating problem? this time I will put them in pot directly to ovoid brutal handling.

I water it just as I water other seedlings and the ones that comes up normally grow on nice.

Tell me all about taking care of small cashew babies  :-*


To me its very important to know where to plant my plants because the further away from the river the more I have to transport the water. So I think a list is good and I thought I start by ding a small list because I dont know so much, yet. And then you can just change the list and fill in with more plants. I also think its important to write if the tree can survive on less water but will not fruit. I guess walnut tree is a tree like that. Very drought tolerant but then without fruits.

Here is my list:
passion fruit
mango, pretty tolerant of drought but does not grow and does not look nice
Guava, very drought tolerant but does not grow or produce during drought
raspberries and similar
white sapote
cactus plants

So now I bought jujube, black sapote and lucuma. Where do they fit in this list? Whould be nice to really know wich pouteria that is more tolerant of drought, maybe none?

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Wanted: Babaco
« on: March 11, 2014, 04:12:46 AM »
Hi. Im looking for this fantasic mix of Vasconcellea:s

And i live in europe.

Is it possible to find here, I read they grow in italy. Could it be possible to grow the Vasconcellea:s and get the hybrid by myself?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Chosing jujube, grafted or wild?
« on: March 09, 2014, 01:41:24 AM »
I need some advise about chosing jujube.

I want to have nice trees that give nice fruits. They dont have to be superbig but they should be able to satisfy me and my need for fruits. I guees the taste is more important.

I found these cultivars

...and I get very interested in that Li and Lang plant together. Im also think of ordering it to my parents in sweden because it looks so hardy.

But then i know how I sound when I want to sell something. I searched around little on the forum on jujubes. It seems like many people have "wild" jujube seeds and that they are very satified with that. I dont spit in the glas, I need no fancy fruits :)

And would a wild seed of chinese strains take the climate of south sweden? Its like new york maybe in climate....

Its more expensive to buy a plant but then it gives more fruit and it will give it to me a least one year before.

What would you choose?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Garcinia:s in south of europe
« on: March 07, 2014, 09:40:02 AM »

Im spending my days dreaming of knew plants and Im planning to make a order. I ordered before from fruitlovers and I think they still got some things I want. But I was hoping to have some more info about Garcinia. Im thinking of Bolivian mangosteen, gamboge, imbe and other Garcinia. But also of Abiu, bilimibi and similar hardiness.

I tell you what work and what dont. I had 1 Imbe coming and it grew slow but it looked alright, It died this winter. Could have been of bad care because it wasnt me. But i also had cashew. They sprouted nice but then i blew some in bad handling. One survived that but also died in the winter. I have some papayas and some died and some survived. They hardly grow anything unless i have them behind some glas. I have mangos, bananas avocados and they all look happy. We didnt see any frost here but its very close and the climate in south of portugal is still very cold in the winter. I also have some jakfruit that survived and icecream-bean, jaboticaba and also jacana. Some of those individuals died and some look half-dead so I guess the winter is very hard here for many plants. I also have a lot of anonas popping up in the compost and i put them in pots. This winter killed half of them but I guess they are also more sensitive when they are young.

Im not afraid of spending some money on a experiment. I just want to do it a little bit proper ;) and I also saw that my shoping bag grew big and i dont know if i will have pots for all his stufff :) So. Help me concentrate on what will likely work in south of europe.

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