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fresh seed from my tree ,2usd each .   +8 usd for shipping fee
interested PM me

Scorodocarpus borneensis  /Kulim or garlic nut. rare and endangered species. every part of the tree is full of garlic scent.
this is very big tall, give a good timber wood.  the nut contains super strong garlic odor and can be used to replace of garlic.
1 nut 2.5  usd  + 10 usd shipping fee worldwide

this is call MA KLUAY in local mean BANANA tree . Could not find the latin name yet but it belong to ANNONACEAE.  The tree is very tall up to 30M. timber wood is used by local.
the fruit is actually edible but no flesh, full of seed. the flavour is nice sweet banana scent5.

 2 usd each seed + 8 usd for shipping fee.

interested pls PM me

new seed available . All price include shipping fee already.

silver berry sweet var. sweet 75 sour 25  1.5  set of 7 seeds for 20 usd
silver berry sour var.   sour 90  sweet 10         set of 10 seeds for 20 usd 

garcinia dulcis , sweet var. set of 6 seed for 20 usd

yellow che , 25 seed for 20 usd

Lepisanthes fruticose, chamaliang    taste sweet and astringent   
  set of 10 seed for 20 usd

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / yellow che / kadsura coccinea
« on: November 02, 2019, 10:12:11 AM »
maclura cochinchinensis corner/ yellow che , real tropical plant growing in thailand , taste is creamy milky ,no sour at all.  15 seeds for 22 usd include shipping fee already

interesting pls pm

vine Annona /kudsura coccinea from north of thai . 2 usd each seed + 8 usd shipping fee

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / red flesh tamarind seed available
« on: April 04, 2019, 08:27:48 PM »
red flesh tamarind ,  taste is sour very good to make juice rich with highly heath benefit .

 5 seeds for 15 usd
10 seeds for 25 usd

included shipping fee already.
interested pls pm me

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / ensete glaucum banana seed for sale
« on: January 25, 2019, 07:17:06 PM »
this is a mona trunk banana propagate only by seed. very ornamental plant but yet the fruit is edible too.
the seed is very hard to germinate and has very long viable upto 6 years . 

15 seed for 15 usd include shipping worldwide already . interest pm me

maclura cochinchinensis corner/ yellow che , real tropical plant growing in thailand , taste is creamy milky ,no sour at all.  12 seeds for 17 usd include shipping fee already

garcinia schomburgkiana / Madan   very sour , only sour taste . good for cooking and made sweet pickled  @ 10 seeds = 15 usd include shipping already

baccaurea polyneura /jumpuring  taste sweet sour . vedry tasty wild [email protected] 12 seeds = 12 usd include shipping already

baccaurea macrocarpa / tampoi   taste sweet with little sour @ 10 seeds = 15 usd include shipping fee

Garcinia prainana / chepu mangoteen sweet sour taste @ 5 seeds = 12 usd include shipping fee

interested pls pm

a dioecious plant that produce very strong fragrant fruit.  taste is weird sweet .

seed available at 1.5 usd each seed. +6 usd for shipping . interested pls PM

KOR HERE yellow pulp wild lychee /  Xerospermum noronhianum   seed available  2.5 use / seed + 5 usd for shipping fee

taste sweet sour with unique aroma

wild durian endemic in south of Thailand durio mansonii  seed available @3 usd /seed  +8 usd shipping free . very big seed


this palm is rare and endanger species . the tree is very ornamental while the fruit is edible
available @ 2usd each seed + 5usd for shipping worldwide . interested pls PM

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / wampi and Kolan
« on: May 27, 2018, 10:34:16 PM »
Wampi or Clausena lansium/ 12 seeds for 16 usd including shipping fee already

Kolan or Nephelium hypoleucum , taste sour -sweet 12 seeds for 16 usd including shipping fee already

interest pls PM

1. Dasyaulus thorelii Pierre (sapotaceae)or wild sapote , this small greenish fruit is sweet like sugar cane ,very delicious
 limited available -    3 seeds for 15 usd including shipping already

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Uvaria Grandiflora seed available
« on: October 08, 2017, 09:01:50 PM »
Uvaria Grandiflora or banana of civet cat, beautiful flower and exotic fruit ,rare seed available at 5 seed 16 usd included shipping fee already. interested PM pls.

Elaeocarpus hygrophilus Kurz 10 seeds for 6 usd , this plant is best to grow along the river bank ,it can stand flood for months.

enste superbum banana seed avaialble 5 seeds for 8 usd +5 usd for shipping

very ornammental plant , the fruie is actually edible but full of seed. very short form banana,can be grown in pot. need 2-3years to set the flower. this banana variety has only one trunk .

pm if interest

pulason fresh seed available @ 5 seeds for 6 usd  + 5 usd shipping worldwide

Garcinia schomburgkiana MA-DAN  very sour fruit [email protected] 7 seeds for 5 usd + 5 usd for shipping

PM if you are interested

1.Elateriospermum tapos   /PRA nut , this is very big tall tree, the nut is very useful and very tasty too . @8 seeds for 10 usd

2. KRABOG or Wild almond/   Irvingia malayana  very good taste when roast  3 seed for 5usd

3. GOA nut/Castanopsis purpurea barnett  , very close relative to chest nut  and the taste too @ 8 seeds for 10usd

1.Phytocrene bracteata/TONG ARR, very rare seed , they seperate male and female . the fruit is edible but has very thin flesh , fantastic flower and valuable tuber @5 USD each seed

2.Artcarpus rigidus, from south of thai. sweet sour taste and very strong smell @ 6 seeds for 5usd

3.A.Lukoocha , this is the biggest Lukoocha [up to 1 kg per fruit] taste sweet sour ,very rare @6 seed for 10 usd.

4.the unknown LATIN name annonaceae family. we call SANG YU from deep south of Thailand, taste similar to Uvaria grandiflora.
but this is a big tall tree not a climbing plant. taste sweet ,creamy ,bit of sour and a hint of banana @  6 seeds for 10usd

Garcinia speciosa Wall  or PA-WA for local name is a type of wild mangoteen in thailand ,very rare . taste is similar to normal  purple  mangoteen but rather sour and have unique scent different from the normal one.

seed available @3 usd each minmun order 5 seeds +5 usd for shipping worldwide.
anyone who ionterested in . pls pm me

1 set of 5 santol seed + shipping = 17 usd.
if you r interested in, pls PM me.

Some rare fruit seed for sale. Every seed sell in set and price is already included shipping with tracking no.
if someone interested pls PM me
paypal ;    [email protected]

1.Sweet Garcinia dulcis, this is sweet variety, taste is very refreshing,gentle sweet with slightly sourness.SET OF 7 SEEDS @11 USD INCLUDED SHIPPING
  sold out

2.Garcinia cowa Roxb, rare garcinia taste is sour -sweet. VERY beautiful tree when it set red cherry fruit. SET OF 5 SEEDS FOR 11 USD

3.Salacia chinensis L., rare wild fruit, taste is sweet .SET OF 5 SEEDS FOR 11 USD

4. Artocarpus lacucha,Thai variety, a fist size fruit sweet -sour . SET OF 8 SEEDS FOR 13 USD

 these 2 papaya are not GMO and you can re-use their seed as heirloom. free shipping to worldwide

1. Golden papaya with yellow stem.
  1.1  A set of 15 seeds for 10 USD.
  1.2 A set of 100 seeds for 20 usd.

2.Golden papaya with purple stem. Local name- yellow Krabi.

  2.1 A set of 15 seed for 15 USD.
  2.2 A set of 100 seeds for 30 USD

if anyone interested pls PM me.

Garcinia dulcis /gamboge/xanthochymus dulcis/ local thai name is Ma-Pud Wan. Said endemic around SE asia but very rare in here and even much rarer if it is sweet variety. Normally more than 95% are sour one.
This sweet one, The flavor was gentle sweet, very slightly sour and tart. Not as tasty as lychee , peach nor mango. You can eat it 1 kg without feeling strange in your tongue. The pulp was really soft ,scooped out easily by spoon.

if anyone interested in my seed. pls pm me
seed+2.2 usd each + 5usd for shipping worldwide

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / wild ANNONAEAE family seed for sale.
« on: September 16, 2016, 04:18:19 AM »
all of these seed belong to ANNONAEAE  family. very beautiful flower, edible fruit.  seed of ANNONAEAE  family is hard to germinate. if you put it in the pot today then next year the seed will sprout.

Uvaria rufa Blume.  10seeds for 7 usd. almost tasteless but very good looking fruit. full of seed

 Uvaria grandiflora Roxb 5 seeds for 15 usd  very nice flower,edible fruit. taste is sweet & sour.full of seed

Rauwenhoffia siamensis Scheff  5 seeds for 10 usd.      very beautiful flower, aromatic smell, edible fruit. taste is bit sweet& sour

plus 5 usd for shipping to world wide. if you are interested in,pls pm.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / ID this wild fruit pls.
« on: September 10, 2016, 08:38:50 AM »
Today my friend posted to ask what is this fruit? She saw someone took it out from mountain in deep south of thailand next to malaysia border. No one have seen it before. it was cut from the vine. i think it belong to ANNONACEAE family. because now is season of rare and wild annonaceae plant coming out here. any idiea pls ID

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Diospyros decandra and santal seed
« on: August 24, 2016, 10:32:10 AM »
Diospyros decandra, the fruit is very strong aromatic odor {same level of durian}. sweet when fully ripe. Rare fruit. 5 seeds for 15 usd. slow growing.

Sandoricum koetjape / Thai Giant Santal PUYFLY variety{mean cotton]. very fuzzy and sweet. this variety is the most popular santal in my country. the fruit is huge. 5 seeds for 15 usd.

if anyone interested. pls pm

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