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Tropical Fruit Discussion / mango leaf tips browning--is it the water?
« on: August 02, 2013, 01:22:20 PM »
My mango is growing well but a few leaf tips are browning.  Do I need to lower the pH or is it a sign of drought stress? or ???

We just returned from Orlando (took our 13 yr old son to do the theme parks) and I convinced my guys to take a detour to buy fruit at Saigon Market.  (Orlando traffic is horrible!)  Thanks to you folks for the tip on this store!  This was June 11th, and we were able to buy lychees.  They had 3 types--we bought the ones the lady said were Mauritius, for $3.99/lb.  They certainly matched the description.  They were fabulous.  I managed to gain weight on vacation despite walking all day long in that heat and humidity and I honestly think it's because I stuffed myself with lychees every night.  The clerk didn't know the names of the other two varieties they had.  One was smaller, with softer flesh, priced at $2.99/lb. and while good, it wasn't as good as the Mauritius.  The other was too pricey at $6.99./lb, and she said they had small seeds.  I didn't sample that variety.  We carried the leftovers home on the plane, no problem.  We ate the last of them last night.  These were far superior to the Sweethearts I ordered from Lycheesonline.  I concluded that the Sweethearts were picked too early for shipment.  Very acidic, and not terribly sweet.  Now I have my son hooked on lychees (hubby not so much) so I feel I've passed down my Chinese heritage.  I told him the story of Lady Yang Guifei to really complete the experience.  I'm considering buying an Emperor tree to grow in a pot (Z6).

I also bought a pack of 4 mangoes, of which 2 were Mexican Ataulfo type and two were green and apparently local (no label), probably NDM.  The lady said "we call them Doc Mai", and they match all the photos I've seen.  No fiber.  They were just starting to sweeten up, and past the hard stage.  Naturally, I saved the seeds to start at home.

Quick question on mango trees--I ordered two Mallika mango trees from PIN and had one sent to my Mom in California.  I'm in Washington State.  Both our trees suffered from leaves turning brown starting at the edges.  Then we both had a lot of leaf drop.  Mine has recovered (started growing while I was in Florida!) but my Mom's has apparently croaked.  She'll hang on to it for a while just in case it decided to do something.  Pretty expensive dead tree, with shipping to CA.  What does the browning from the edges indicate?  I really want to pug my tree but I will definitely let it settle in and grow for a while before doing anything that drastic.


Tropical Fruit Discussion / mango seedling advice needed
« on: October 30, 2012, 03:23:30 AM »
So, my first mango seedling just popped its head up today, and it sort of reminds me of a Truffula Tree from the Lorax.  :)  I just stuck the seed in a quart size yogurt container which is ridiculously small, but I do want to keep it potted, so I know I'll need to keep it somewhat pot-bound.  Now that the root (probably the taproot, I'm guessing) has found a drainage hole and wants to escape, I'm wondering how I manage this thing.  Do I encourage the root to circle the bottom of the pot by pushing it in, just let it get air pruned after escaping the bottom of the pot, or ??  I'm guessing this is an ongoing problem even when I pot up.  When will this thing be tough enough to handle transplanting? TIA

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