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Leaf Issues
« on: April 05, 2015, 06:38:12 PM »

I was wondering if anyone could possibly identify the cause(s) of these leaf issues some of my plants are having. All of my plants are currently grown under T5 fluorescent lighting. I am thinking of switching to a Dual Spectrum HPS Sunmaster brand of  growlight, connected to a dimmable ballast. My only concern would be the heat issue. Yes, a fan would help to dissipate excess heat, but would the constantly moving air lower the humidity too much?

Containerised Bergamot Orange, grafted, pictures of mature foliage. Note the yellow discolouration on leaf margins and the dry appearance of the leaves (the plant is well-watered, by the way):

Bergamot, new growth. Note that it looks pale green in colour, with a straggly appearance:

Graviola/soursop seedling:

Coffea Arabica seedling:

Note the very anaemic-looking (chlorotic) foliage of this coffea arabica seedling:

Tamarillo, young plant. Overall, very healthy, but I wonder what is causing the raised, discolured bumps on the leaf surface:

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