Author Topic: Diagnose leaf disease/pest on Lemon tree  (Read 914 times)


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Diagnose leaf disease/pest on Lemon tree
« on: June 20, 2016, 04:38:51 AM »
Hi everyone! About three weeks ago I spotted there is something going on on the recent growth of my potted lemon tree. There are three clusters of top growth (leaves) that are affected, otherwise there are no signs anywhere on the plant. I am not convinced if the reason might be pest, disease or nutrition problem as I do not have the experience with that kind of symptoms, so I hope there will be somebody who knows what it is. If anyone recognizes the problem I would also like to know how to deal with it to prevent further damage or eventually to repair the condition. (I apologize for posting in the wrong section of forum, the topic is already opened in Citrus General discussion and this one will be deleted)

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