Author Topic: Where to buy Hardy Avocado trees in Europe ( Mexicola, Steward etc.. )  (Read 355 times)


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I havent found any sources in Europe, only in America, too bad I cant get them send here because
- it would be against their policies
-Via ebay I could get cuttings but they would most likely die until they get here

How can solve the mystery of getting hardy avocados to my country?

(I wanna have them in an sunken unheated greenhouse)
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I have seedlings of cultivars close to mexicola. The guy that sold me the seeds said, that they should be a little more hardy than mexicola.
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I am pretty sure there are EU nurseries that sell Duke7 at least, and that should be a very hardy cultivar. I don't know what their minimum orders are, but Viveros Brokaw (in Spain) sells a wide range of Mexican cultivar rootstocks, including Duke7 and Walter Hole seedlings. You would probably need to arrange to have them shipped from Spain yourself, though. Luis hasn't been as active on this forum lately but I'll see if he has a list of EU nurseries that sell hardy avocados, I feel like I've seen him post a few on here or the GF forums.