Author Topic: Cherimoya winter chill experiences/is it needed?  (Read 153 times)


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Cherimoya winter chill experiences/is it needed?
« on: February 03, 2023, 04:58:14 PM »
So i red that cherimoya needs 50 to 100 hours of temps around 6 C , anybody growing cherimoya in places where it doesnt drop below 10C and still get fruit?
I am asking since my plants are greenhouse grown, currently at temperatures of around 15C in the night to 25 C in the day. They are currently holding fruit which is starting to change colour to an extent. Is it ok to have the plant hold fruit while it experiences such low temps? I can manipulate the temperature inside to get to around 5C  by shutting off the heating sistem and i was intending to do this after i harvest all the fruits, expecting them to come end of feb and march. So is it a good plant to wait on them, harvest them and if i pick the last ones in the end of march i will still have the cold outside temps to allow to have colder temps inside also. This will be perfect as i am also planning to prune and strip leaves somewhere in april, so suppliyng some cold in march?


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