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Deep root trays
« on: February 19, 2023, 12:54:27 AM »
I wanted to share some various deep root space saving ideas that Iíve been playing with lately, mostly for sabara rootstocks and anything that can stay in a small space for a really long time. The process could also maybe be modified with larger diameter and taller setups for other things. I started because I had extra materials laying around. Depending on where you live, PVC can be expensive. It literally lasts decades though and only has to be purchased one time. Even thin wall pipe will get you a decade or two of plantings I think.

I take large tubs of any type and jam as many sticks of PVC as I can into it, cut to length. I could see a sizeable table being constructed and lined with plastic. Itís really easy to write on each piece with a high quality marker (Milwaukee inkzalll works best for me). For the bottoms Iíve been leaving them open set down on the bottom of the tub, but only in situation where you plan to leave them for a long time. I can also see maybe landscape fabric or shade cloth or something similar being zip tied around the bottom if you were planning on moving them sooner. Fill em with dirt and seeds. Can cover the entire top of the tub with plastic to maintain hunidity until plants outgrow it, and use shade cloth when needed. Can even put a tomato type cage or wire panel around it. Iíve got some old tanks from a boat someone gave me, but I also use 30g salt lick tubs I get from cattle ranchers. Can fit a ton of 1.5-2Ē sticks in there. Iíve mainly used system for rootstocks, obviously for the more rare stuff you would want to let canopy more and not fight for light. I have some some setups with pipe going up to 6Ē wide, 2ft+ tall. Pipe gets expensive at that size though, anything over 2Ē heavy wall pipe is very pricey these days. If you have access to some cheap stuff or if you know a plumber that can get you some I think it works pretty well. Would love to know if anyone has any additional input or other ideas


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Re: Deep root trays
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